Term Description
Merchant A merchant is a company that operates in the e-commerce business and has integrated or planning to integrate AfterPay solution.
Customer A customer is a person or company who is buying goods or services from Merchant. Customer information contains customer name, email, phone numbers and address. The customer information is required for fraud detection and risk scoring.
Order The order contains an orderNumber and an order details (purchase amount, description of items, currency, etc.). This information is used for risk scoring.
Risk Scoring Based on customer information, assed with internal and external lookups to get customer credit worthiness.
Checkout Checkout means checking out the order. The checkout contains customer information and order information. The checkoutID is assigned for each checkout.
Payment method During the checkout, different payment methods are offered to the customer. The available payment methods are Invoice, DirectDebit, Installment, InstallmentWithDirectDebit.
Contract If the customer wants to buy using Installment or InstallmentWithDirectDebit, the contract has to be created. The contractID is assigned for each contract.
Reservation If the checkout is completed (using checkoutID), the ordered items are reserved to the customer. The reservationID is assigned for each reservation.
Shipment The reserved items can be shipped to customer. Shipment is based on orderNumber.
Capture Capturing an order is done when the shipment of the order items is made.
Void The reservation can be voided as long as the reserved items are not shipped to the customer. Void is based on orderNumber.
Refund When the customer returns purchased items, refund must be used instead of void. The refund is based on orderNumber.
Bank account It’s the bank account of the customer and consists of a bank account number, SWIFT number, etc
Customer account Account for customer transactions. Customer can apply for some credit limit and for this purpose the customer account is created.
Cancellation The reservation can be cancelled as long as the reserved items are not shipped to the customer. The cancellation bases on orderNumber.
Transaction Different events (purchase, withdrawal, withdrawal correction, interest correction) that can be added to the customer account.
Invoice number The invoice number is a unique identifier that is assigned by the merchant or generated by AfterPay in order to provide a way to keep track of each payment. One order may have one or more invoices.
Capture number When the order is shipped, the Capture number is used only if there is a partial refund on the order. For a full refund the capture number is not required. Hence, Invoice number and Capture number are the same.